Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Stamped Cork Pin

This is Paula-Kay with a tutorial to show you how to make a Christmas pin using cork paper and stamps.  I’ve used Red Rubber Designs Ginger Joy for the stamp.

  You will need some supplies to begin: Palette Noir ink pad, patterned cardstock (I’ve used Cha Cha patterned cardstock), a piece of Cork paper, a piece of Kraft cardstock, Ginger Joy stamp, white Liquid Applique, scissors, two pearl accents, a pin back.

Step 1:  Stamp Ginger Joy on the piece of cork, and also on the piece of Kraft cardstock, and the neck bow on the Cha Cha patterned cardstock.
Note:  Stamping on Cork paper is just like stamping on cardstock.  You can color it and cut it, mount it on background cardstock.

Step 2:  Cut out the image stamped on the cork and the Kraft cardstock.  Cut out the bow stamped on the patterned cardstock.

Step 3:  Glue the cork image to the Kraft image (which will be the backing).  Then glue the bow in place on top the cork image.

 Step 4:  Next add a little pink to the cheeks with a marker (I used a Copic marker) and glue two pearls (or buttons or jewels) on the front.

 Step 5:  Add white Liquid Applique to the icing on the image.

 Step 6:  Heat set the Liquid Applique with a heat gun until it puffs up.  (Don’t overheat or it will burn).

Step 7:  Turn Ginger Joy to back side and glue the pin back in place using strong glue (E6000 works great).

 Step 8:  As a last minute thought, I decided to add some small google eyes to Ginger Joy.

And now your Ginger Joy pin is finished.  What a fun little project to wear during the winter and Christmas season or to give as a gift.

You can download a FREE PDF version of this tutorial in the Red Rubber Designs store!


  1. Paula-Kay, this is too cute! You are so creative!

  2. Easy to follow instructions, really cute project. Great job, PK!

  3. Love this pin for the holidays! Thanks for the tutorial.


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