Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Paper Piecing Borders Seminole Quilting Style

Hi! Diana here with a tutorial I hope you'll enjoy. I hope you give it a try. It's fun! You can use brights, pastels, and even patterned papers. The possibilities are endless. 

1. Choose three contrasting card stock colors.

2. Cut 1/2 inch strip from each card stock color.

3. Glue the three strips to a light weight base such as printer paper.

4.Cut the excess base paper from the edges of your tri-color strip.

5. Cut a pile of 1/2 inch pieces from the tri-colored strip.

6.Lay your pieces out in the pattern shown above. 
Then glue them down to a sheet of light weight base paper.

7. Using a ruler draw very precise lines down each side edge of the middle block.

8. Cut very precisely down the line you drew in step 7. 
Both excess edges should be trimmed off. 
(the trimmed off sections also make a nice border .)

9. Now trim your new border strip to size, matte it if you'd like...

and you're ready to use your border strip in a project!

This tutorial can be downloaded for free at the Red Rubber Designs store!


  1. Love the new Tutorial Tuesdays! Thanks for sharing!

  2. As a quilter, I especially love this border. What a wonderful way to use up those scrap strips. Thank you for sharing!

  3. That is cleverly done and very pretty, Diana. It is sort of like quilting with paper, isn't it? Neat technique. You did a great tutorial.

  4. Well, that looks easy enough that even I could do it! Thanks for a great tutorial, Diana!

  5. Great job, Diana! I have never seen this before...very interesting. I am going to have to try this. I am learning all sorts of things on these tutorials.

  6. Great tutorial Diana! This is a great way to use up scrap strips of cardstock.

  7. Terrific tutorial, Diana! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Awesome tutorial....thank you for the invite....

  9. Thank you. Many years ago I HAD DONE THIS DESIGN ON TOWELS. But I needed a refresher and am excited about using in my scrapbooking.


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