Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Creating Tags For Scrapbooks

I love using tags on my scrapbook pages and find I can create gorgeous ones of my own with some of my favorite rubber stamps and ink. I usually create a variety and then have them on hand as I go about my scrapbooking.

In this tutorial we'll see how stamps from Red Rubber Designs work beautifully in creating such tags.

You'll first want to gather a variety of tags in different sizes.   I also like the library pocket that comes from the Pockets & Pieces cardstock punchout set.  It holds several different sized tags.

Next, gather some of the stamps you'll be using.  I chose a couple different background stamps, images, words, etc.

Finally, you'll want to select several colors of coordinating ink.   The Palette inks work well for this project.

Some of your tags can begin with stamped backgrounds.

You can add small photo frames, journaling spots and phrases or images to
your tags.

The Memories set from Red Rubber Designs has great word stamps for scrapbook tags.

Fabulous Frames will give you a variety of frames to add small photo spots to your tags.

The journaling lines from the Punctuation rubber stamp set gets a lot of use from me.   It can be used singularly or stamped repetitively for a longer journaling spot.

More samples of tags.  I especially like the "Remember This" stamp from the Fanciful Vintage set. I also used images from Fly Fairy and Just Bee-Cuz here.

As you can see, by adding images as well as words you can also create some cool embellishments for your pages.

Finally, I stamped on the library pocket from the Pockets & Pieces set (Ancient Map and Fly Fairy) and stamped  two tags to fit inside.  Once again, I used my "Remember This" stamp as well as frames from the Fabulous Frames.

I hope this tutorial helped inspire you to pull out your stamps and start stamping some tags to include on your scrapbook pages!

You can find this tutorial as a FREE download in the Red Rubber Designs store!


  1. Lovely ideas here... thank you!
    Alison x

  2. It inspired me, Louise. Excellent tutorial! You have some good stamp suggestions for tags in scrapbooking. I like your idea to have them made ahead of time and then just select one as you work.

  3. A wonderful tutorial.
    I am forever using tags and love to see them used on other crafters' art.


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