Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tutorial Tuesday: Brown Bag It!

Don’t have a pretty bag for that little gift you want to give? This is a tutorial to show you an inexpensive way to make over a plain brown bag.  

Start with a few favorite stamping supplies and make a focal image for the front of your gift bag. 

Here I have used a stamp set from the Red Rubber Designs store called Furry Friends. You can also find card stock and stamping ink there. ;D

Now let’s make the outer cover for the gift bag.

Cut a card stock strip using the same width and depth of the size bag you choose to use. Make sure your card stock strip is a couple inches taller than your brown bag. (You can cut the height of the brown bag down to make it shorter than your strip of card stock.) 

Now decorate the outer strip using your focal point piece and whatever trim you choose. Attach eyelets to the top front and back.

This is how the side of your project should look.

Now it’s time to attach ribbon through the eyelets to form the handles of your gift bag.
After inserting through the eyelets, knot the ribbon on the inside.

Fill it with yummy treats and it’s ready to go!

Paper, stamps, stamping ink, hardware and ribbon are all from the Red Rubber Designs store.
One stop shopping for your crafty needs!

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