Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Fun and Fabulous Paper Flowers

Welcome to today's tutorial! 

The Red Rubber Designs store carries really beautiful patterned card stock collections.  I thought it would be fun to share a project featuring the  Maggie Patterned Card Stock Collection for this tutorial.

This flower will be made using a five petal punch. These directions will apply to any size five petal punch. The other punches and supplies shown above are optional.

Start by punching 3 five petal flowers. Then snip in between each petal about 1/8th an inch. This keeps your flower base from becoming too bulky.

A ball stylus is a very helpful tool in sculpting your paper flower, but I have used the rounded end of a paintbrush as well.

Gently roll the rounded end around in the flower center and around each petal. This breaks down paper's fibers and makes the petals easier to sculpt in the following step. Your flower will form a cup shape.

To sculpt my flower I slightly bent back both sides of each petal. You may bend yours anyway you choose. Have fun with it. ;D

I used a little wooden grilling skewer from my kitchen. I've used small paint brush handles, pencils, etc. The skewer is a nice small diameter I like to work with.

Now that I have 3 flowers with sculpted petals I'm ready to assemble my fun and fabulous flower!

I used a glue gun, applying just a very small amount of glue to the center only of the first layer of my flower. Quick drying fabric glue works well too.

Then I gently pressed the next flower layer into the glue staggering the flower petals as I go. And again for the third flower layer.

Once your 3 flower layers are together, flip it over and glue down the green card stock snowflake base. Add as many green card stock leaves as you like as well.

I have used punches for the yellow card stock centers of my flowers... you can use smaller flower punches, brads, gemstones or whatever you choose for the center of your flower.

These flowers are not only fun and fabulous but fast and easy... you'll have several made in no time!

Stamping Tip:
Stamp a background or element pattern on your paper before punching the flowers out and create beautiful and unique custom flowers!

You can find a FREE download of this tutorial in the Red Rubber Designs store.


  1. So easy yet makes such a gorgeous dimensional flower!

  2. Good looking flowers without a lot of fuss to make!

  3. Diana, that is so pretty. The tutorial is easy to follow. Thanks.

  4. Beautiful work and a good inspiration. Where can one find a ball stylus like that?

  5. Rebecca... thank you dear! You can find a set of these ball stylus at the online McGill website... I think I may have found mine at Hobby Lobby.

    Although I have a set of 3.... I only use the larger one. ;D

  6. Thanks Rebecca... the online mcGill website and I may have gotten mine in a set at Hobby Lobby. ;D


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