Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Stamped Bangle Bracelet

Today, I'm presenting a tutorial on stamping a wooden bangle bracelet.

For this project I used:

1-1/2" rounded bangle blank
Distressed Ink - Peeled Paint
Palette Ink - Noir
Red Rubber Designs Stamps - Autumn Swirls & Happily Grateful
Smooch Pearlized accent ink - Pumpkin (if this is not available, copper metallic acrylic paint can be used)
Black acrylic paint
Gloss acrylic sealer

Begin by dobbing distressed ink around the outer surface of the bracelet until it is completely covered.  It will have a slightly blotchy, uneven color.

Next use the Distressed Ink to stamp a background pattern with the Autumn Swirl Stamp.  For this, I find it easiest to lay the acrylic block on the table with the stamp face up.  Ink the stamp and then roll the bracelet on the stamp.  Since this is a rounded bracelet, you'll want to start at one side and rock towards the other side, then roll the bracelet a little bit and then roll back towards the other side.  Rock & Roll - Side to side, forward, side to side, forward..... Since this is creating a swirly background, if it is not perfect, it is OK.

Now the butterflies - again, lay the stamp face up on the table and ink with Noir Palette Ink. Use a similar rock and roll motion to stamp the butterfly on the bracelet - stamping several butterflies around the bracelet at different angles.

If you have any voids in your stamped images, don't try to stamp over them. Use a black sharpie marker to draw in the missing spots.

Now, use the Smooch accent ink (or copper acrylic paint) to fill in the sections of the butterfly wings.

Paint the inside of the bracelet with black acrylic paint.

Once everything is dry, (I let it all cure 24 hours), finish the bracelet with 2 or 3 thin coats of clear acrylic sealer.

Download this FREE tutorial from KC Eddy in the Red Rubber Designs store!


  1. Awesome, Kc. Very pretty and nice fall colors!

  2. What a neat bracelet. I don't know where I would find the wood bangle bracelets around our little hamlet. Most likely would have to search online for them somewhere.

  3. A gorgeous bracelet, KC. Love the tip about filling in with the black marker, too!

  4. Love your tutorial! Easy to follow directions with beautiful results.


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