Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: The Pemberley Bay Matchbook Kit

Today, I would like to share with you how to assemble just one of the beautiful, easy to follow kits from Red Rubber Designs. The Pemberley Bay Matchbook Kit is full of vintage prints in lovely turquoise, creams and greens. This is easily one of my favorites from the Red Rubber Designs Store.

Tools Needed:

Pemberley Bay Matchbook Kit
Distress Inks
Distressing Tool
Crop-A-Dile Tool
Juliette Hardware (copper eyelets)
Reece and Woodrowe Ribbon

(All of the linked items above are on sale this month in the Red Rubber Designs store, along with 150+ more items!)

Assembly Directions:

1. You will need to detach the matchbook cover and pages from the kit. Extra embellishments are included but not needed for the assembly. Everything comes pre-cut and pre-scored.

2.  I started out by distressing the edges of my pages to achieve a vintage look. Use the paper distress tool or the edges of sharp scissors and drag it along the edges of all your pages. Next, ink your edges with distress ink or any sepia-colored ink. (Palette Cognac works well for this step, too.)

My pages look like this after distressing the edges:

3. Decorate the inside and outside of your cover with flat mediums such as inks, stamps, sprays or paints.

4. Insert eyelets into the four holes of the cover which will bind the pages. Remember to place the eyelets so the outsides are on the cover.

5. Flip the cover over so the wrong sides of the eyelet are facing up. Thread ribbon through the two bottom holes only.

6. Thread ribbon through the decorated pages:  Close the flap over the pages and thread the ribbon through the remaining two holes. Tie a bow.

7. Decorate the front of your assembled Matchbook Kit and enjoy!

The Pemberley Bay Matchbook Kit has lots of fun embellishments to decorate your assembled mini-album, too. You can find a FREE PDF version of this tutorial in the Red Rubber Designs store.

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  1. Nice tutorial, Kate. Pretty finished book.

  2. Nicely done, Kate! I'll bet the inside of your album is just as pretty as the cover.

  3. I love the paper to begin with but your vintage touches have enhanced it even more, Kate. It's absolutely beautiful as you have put it together!

  4. Gorgeus tutorial,,,,Thanks for your comments at Gayle-Blog about my vintage Adorable Bessie Picts,,,,,,,,so feel free to visit my Store,,and choose your favorite product for free,,,,my friend,,,,,,email me to nicecranedesigns@yahoo.com

  5. This is stunning Kate! Fabulous job!

  6. Very pretty Kate. The colours are gorgeous!

  7. Wow, Kate... that is absolutely GORGEOUS!


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