Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Natalee Accordion Album Kit

The Natalee Accordion Album Kit is a beautiful printed, cut, and scored kit to help you quickly make a beautiful keepsake or fun album to give for a gift.  The hardest part of making this album will be choosing which side of the gorgeous papers to use.

 Contents of Kit
1 accordion album
2 pockets
4 tall pockets w/slant opening
4 tags
1 belly band

Supplies needed for assembly
bone folder
small scissors or sanding block
ink or marker of choice
adhesive of choice - directions are using Scor-Tape
Option:  Angelee Patterned Cardstock Collection
Natalee and Angelee Ribbon

After removing all of the die cuts from the excess paper you will notice little nubs where the dies were attached. These can be easily removed with small sharp scissors or a sanding block. All pieces are pre-scored for easy assembly. (See next step before folding.)  Decide which side of the pockets and frames that you want to use, fold on the scores with a bone folder to get a crisp fold.

If you want to stamp on any of the components, do so before folding while the pieces are still flat.
Now the hard part comes. Lay out the prepared pieces and decide where you want to put them. You can work on both sides of the album.  There is no right or wrong here, whatever is pleasing to you.
Inking is strictly optional and can be done at any time during the assembly process.  I like to cover the white core of the cardstock on my projects so I ink my edges and folds. This can be accomplished in three different ways.  Direct to paper - using your ink pad to apply the ink directly to the paper.  Foam applicator - apply ink to a foam applicator and then to the paper. Or Marker - run the sided of the marker surface along the edge of the paper - note: this method does not work well on folds.

Assembling the picture frames
Step 1 - Place frame face down and apply adhesive all the way around the opening in the frame - I used 1/4" tape.
Step 2 - Place photo or picture on your work surface. After removing waste paper from tape, position frame over photo and press to adhere.
Step 3 - Turn frame with photo over to back side. Apply adhesive next to folds or on tabs. Here I used 1/2" tape next to the folds.
Step 4 - Remove tape backing and fold over tabs to secure.

Assembling the pockets
Apply adhesive to the side pre-folded flaps of the pockets. I used 1/2" tape. By taping the 2 sides first, the tape will hold down the bottom flap to make adding tape to it easier.

Now that you have all of your pockets and frames inked and taped and ready to go, you are ready to fold your album.  It is pre-scored to make folding easy.  The double score line allows plenty of room in each section of the album to handle the bulk of pockets and embellishments. Your album should look like this if you have chosen the floral print side for your cover. You have the option of the solid side for your cover by folding in the reverse of what you see in the picture.
Check your layout again before you stick everything down to make sure everything is where you want it.

Here is my album ready for pictures and embellishments.
The kit also includes a belly band as an option for keeping your album securely closed. You can adorn it however you wish.  I chose a ribbon and tag for mine.
The PDF version of this tutorial is available as a free download in the Red Rubber Designs store.

Red Rubber Designs products used in this tutorial:
Natalee Accordion Album Kit
Angelee Patterned Cardstock Collection
Angelee and Natalee Ribbon
Kai Gold 4" Scissors
Vintage Background Rubber Stamp Set
Background Soup Rubber Stamp Set
Beautiful Soul Rubber Stamp Set
Beauty of a Woman Background Rubber Stamp


  1. This looks like a lovely album. Thanks for the tutorial and all the tips for putting it together!

  2. Wow! That is really awesome....always wondered how those things went together! You make it look so easy :)

  3. Great job, Sarah. It came together beautifully! The papers are really lovely.

  4. Good tutorial, Sarah. This paper is so pretty. Any project with it would turn out wonderful.

  5. WOW those are some really gorgeous papers. Love the accordion book! Fantastic job Sarah!
    Hugs Lynn

  6. What a gorgeous idea and such lovely papers which make it so appealing!
    Well done!


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